SE "Fintehinform" is a state enterprise whose capital belongs entirely to the state. Founder of the company is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova. In 2005, based on the Government Decision no. 516 of June 2, 2005 "On the structure and staffing of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Finance", Directorate General Information Technologies Ministry of Finance was reorganized into the State Enterprise "Fintehinform" to administer, maintain, develop and ensure operation of management information system of public finances.


State Enterprise "Fintehinform" operates on the principles of self-management in accordance with the Constitution, the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova no. 1107-XV on 06 June 2002, as amended and supplemented, Law no. 845-XII dated January 3, 1992 on entrepreneurship and business changes and additions, Law no. 146-XIII of 16 June 1994 on state enterprise, subsequent amendments and other laws and regulations, and the Regulation Board and the provisions of this Statute. 

Denomination of “Fintehinform” means “Finances and Information Technologies”. The story of Center of Information Technologies (CIT) under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova began when in september 1972 when a work group of 6 specialists was founded under the Ministry of Finances of the Republic of Moldova by the Moscow National Scientific Institute; the title of the group was „Section for methodology of discounting and information".

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Vă aducem la cunostinta ca intreprinderea de Stat “Fintehinform” a fost reorganizată prin transformare în Instituția Publică “Centrul de Tehnologii Informaționale în Finanțe”, care este succesor de drepturi și obligațiuni și al cărei fondator este Ministerul Finanțelor.
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